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The compact hydraulic compression force transducer model F1135 is available with a nominal size NS 80. Measurement of rated forces from 2 up to 480 kN are possible. Through the robust mechanical assembly of the hydraulic compression force transducers, they are ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions. Applications for this hydraulic force measurement can be found in equipment manufacturing, in device and special machine building and also with measuring and control systems.

Hydraulic force transducers operate on the principle that the force acting on the piston is converted into a hydraulic pressure - in proportion to the piston surface area.

Via the connected measuring instrument, which can be either analogue or digital, the measured value is output. The scale of the connected pressure gauge can be defined in various units, e.g., in N, kN, kg, or even t.

Leak-tightness warranty
The warranty on leak tightness of the hydraulic force measuring unit was extended to 5 years2). A force transducer that starts to leak within this period will be repaired free of charge.

1) For rated forces below 500 N, the relative linearity error is ±1.6 % Fnom for all connected measuring instruments.
2) Use of the force measuring unit as intended is a prerequisite for the extended 5-year warranty.